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Multi Calculator icon Multi Calculator is a powerful application that can help you solve even the most difficult computations, and can also read formulas with the help of the camera.

Do you ever feel that the default calculator available in Android is not enough? Well, it turns out that there are many more other applications that can do a better job, and which have a ton of other handy features. Multi Calculator is one of them.

Besides the regular functions you would expect, Multi Calculator also comes with a complete scientific function for complex problems, and even a body mass index calculator to stay in shape.

The application also makes use of the camera to recognize formulas and calculations, and it even allows users to change existing formulas to their liking.

  For more information on downloading Multi Calculator to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.


  • Make complex computations
  • Use camera to recognize formulas
  • BMI calculator integrated

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