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Converting images to various file formats is supposed to be a simple-to-handle process. However, not all the programs available on the market seem to take this task seriously and they simplify the practice to a few clicks. SendTo-Convert changes the rules and allows you to convert photos from your right-click menu without other additional tweaks.

The application is delivered in a lightweight and free package. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (both 32- and 64-bit). The utility is able to add a new context menu entry, called ‘SendTo-Convert,’ which can be employed for fast conversion tasks. Aside from that option, it comes with support for a separate configuration panel where you can define the conversion process in detail, as well as drag-and-drop actions.

Simple design

There’s no support for a help manual. You can find only some online descriptions about the app’s capabilities. However, you can get an idea about how the tool works and how to configure the dedicated parameters without resorting to a help manual. The configuration settings are quite intuitive, so you are going to decode them in no time.

Supported input and output file formats

SendTo-Convert offers you the possibility to convert the following image formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF. There’s also support for plugins so you can extend the application’s capabilities and load other file formats as well.

When it comes to converting photos, you are allowed to export the images to BMP (8- and 24-bit), PNG (8- and 24-bit), JPEG (24-bit), and GIF (8-bit) file formats.

How to convert photos using simple actions

SendTo-Convert requires a single click on the target image in order to convert it to the desired file format. By default, it saves the converted images to the same folder where the input files are stored, so you don’t even have to worry about selecting a directory each time you activate a new conversion task.

Convert images to different file formats using simple actions
Convert images to different file formats using simple actions

For a simple conversion utility like SendTo-Convert, you will be surprised to find out that it offers support for batch actions so you can process multiple images at the same time. You can either select multiple pictures via the context menu or drag and drop multiple images directly in the configuration panel. Plus, you can drag and drop photos on the program’s icon for fast conversion results.

Configuration settings

The application gives you the freedom to set the default output file format, namely PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, or JPEG (lossless). Several advanced parameters are implemented for helping you configure PNG and GIF photos in terms of transparent color, while JPEG files can be altered by changing the quality, adjusting the sampling, and specifying the maximum file size.

In case you make the output file format selectable, SendTo-Convert reveals a minimalist panel each time you initiate a new conversion task. You can either select an image for conversion via the context menu or perform right-clicks, and the application automatically reveals the small window which allows you to choose the preferred output format, apply resizing options, and open the configuration panel.

You can tweak the resizing options in detail based on width, height, or custom number of pixels. What’s more, you can set the default folder where the converted images are saved and create subdirectories.

The configuration window looks intuitive
The configuration window looks intuitive

SendTo-Convert is not designed to make a mess in your context menu because it integrates a single function. However, if you don’t need the entry anymore or you prefer to perform conversion tasks directly from the configuration panel, you should know that you can include or exclude the “Send To” option in/from the context menu.

Other important configuration settings worth mentioning enable you to keep the configuration window on top of other programs, create a shortcut on the desktop, install addition plugins and keep track of all of them, alter the looks of the GUI by customizing the size of the font (small, medium, or large), and change the size of the dialog (small or medium).

The Good

SendTo-Convert impresses with its ease of use and straightforward configuration settings. You can right-click or drag and drop photos, and the conversion process is carried out automatically. If you are on the hunt for nothing more than straightforward conversion features, you might want to keep SendTo-Convert around. You can even take it out from the context menu in case you no longer need it.

A big plus is the fact that you can process multiple images simultaneously. Plus, you can resize files, choose the default saving directory, and configure JPEG quality. The tool runs on low memory resources and offers very good output quality.

The Bad

SendTo-Convert cannot compete with other powerful image converters, but this is not actually its goal. It was created to deliver simple and efficient conversion tasks, and it serves its purpose. It does not offer support for advanced features, such as text/image watermarks, image previewing options, file uploading mode, file associations, photo editing functions (e.g. contrast and brightness adjustments, special effects), tag editing, flipping, and cropping, to name just a few professional parameters.

The Truth

To sum things up, SendTo-Convert is all worthy of your attention even though it is not as powerful as other image converters. Its intuitive and fast conversion tasks make it an indispensable application for rookies and professionals alike.
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You can integrate SendTo-Convert in your context menu and create a desktop iconConvert images to different file formats using simple actionsThe configuration window looks intuitiveYou can access SendTo-Convert via your context menu

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