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File Explorer has barely evolved in the most recent versions of Windows, but despite this, it continues to be the file manager of choice for the majority of desktop users out there.

And while everyone’s waiting for Microsoft to roll out an updated version with tab support and other goodies that you typically find in third-party solutions, there are small tweaks that you can apply in the existing release of File Explorer to more or less boost productivity, file management, and why not, the looks.

Folder Colorizer is one of the apps that can help you with these, and long-time Windows users probably know this already. This little program was launched in 2011 and provided from the very beginning an easy way to do exactly what its name suggests: colorize your folders according to your own choice.

Why would anyone want to have a different icon color for their folders? you might ask. Well, the answer is pretty simple, actually. You can configure a red icon for your music folder, a blue one for pictures, and a green one for documents, and this way, you can find the directory you want faster and easier. Plus, it also looks pretty good and makes File Explorer feel a bit refreshed, even if it’s not.

With version 2, Folder Colorizer received its very first redesign since 2011, but even so, it remains just as straightforward and easy to use as before. There are some other improvements too, including full support for Windows 10, up to 16 million colors to choose from, and it comes without any bloatware. Plus, it’s still free of charge.

Folder icons colorized with this little app
Folder icons colorized with this little app

Installing the program doesn’t take more than a few seconds, though I’d recommend paying attention to the setup wizard because there’s one option that you might not agree with. By default, Folder Colorizer is configured to “send anonymous usage statistics” and this option can only be disabled from the installer. There’s no other way to do it, as it’s missing from the program’s UI, so here’s one thing that the developing team should have in mind when working on the next update.

Since it’s not exactly clear what data is being collected if you leave this option enabled, I’ve contacted the company to ask for some clarification. I've been told that the data that's being collected includes "how many installs were made, which colors were changed and added, which colors were removed." It's important to know that this info isn't mentioned anywhere within the app though.

Once installed, Folder Colorizer 2 runs in the background with no actual UI, and all its options are integrated into the Windows Context Menu.

This means that whenever you want to set a new color for a specific folder, simply right click that folder and choose Colorize! > Pick color. It takes just a couple of seconds to apply the new settings and no reboot is required.

This is what colored folder icons look like in Windows 10
This is what colored folder icons look like in Windows 10

The same Context Menu section provides quick access to some extra options, including Restore original color should you want to return to the default settings. The other menu item, simply called Colors lets you configure additional parameters, such as the colors library, define your own color using the HEX code, or pick from a color editor by choosing different tints and brightness levels.

This is more of an “options” menu, and I think it would have made more sense to be called this way, but once you use it once, you already figure out its purpose.

This Colors menu is where the visual makeover is most visible, as it features a new look with a dark theme as compared to the previous version. Everything still looks clean and simple, but given that not too many options are offered anyway, it wasn't really hard not to be this way.

There are things that still need to be improved, though. In Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you won’t see any changes made to folders pinned to Quick Access. They’re displayed correctly everywhere else but not here. Also, removing a defined color and restoring to default settings takes several seconds, and if you do that with several folders, it’s pretty obvious it should’ve been faster.

The revamped settings UI in Folder Colorizer 2
The revamped settings UI in Folder Colorizer 2

Every time you set a new color or restore the default icon, Folder Colorizer 2 displays a small popup that invites you to “Share your success.” In other words, it wants you to post a tweet to promote the app. The good thing is that you can skip this process and block the popup from showing up again.

Overall, Folder Colorizer 2 is just as good as its predecessor, and if you’re a long-time user of the app, you won’t feel the makeover in a dramatic manner. There still are things to be improved and its performance still needs some refinements here and there, but otherwise it’s a straightforward piece of software that pretty much everyone should be able to use just fine.

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