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LoL Auto Login icon Quickly log in to League of Legends with a small, open-source utility that opens the client and types your password automatically

The League of Legends client can remember your account name after logging in once, but not your password. Riot is unlikely to change this for security reasons, as players may end up being banned for account sharing after logging in to someone else’s account by accident.

If you prefer the convenience of not having to type your password every time, however, or you never share your computer with anyone else, LoL Auto Login is just what you need. With just a couple of mouse clicks, it can log you in to your LoL account by typing your password automatically.

Auto-type your password when logging into League of Legends

When you launch the program for the first time, you will be asked to provide your password, which is then encrypted and stored in a file in the League of Legends directory. To change your password later, simply delete this file.

The next time you launch LoL Auto Login, the program will open the LoL client and type your password without requiring any input on your part. However, you need to make sure the client has already remembered your account name, as this utility only types your password.

Simple tool that gets the job done

Once you configure the program you can forget about it altogether. The UI will only be displayed if the password file has been deleted, and you can create a shortcut to the utility and launch it just as you would the game.

The utility is very lightweight, and you can opt for the portable version to avoid installing anything. Just place the executable file in the League of Legends folder and launch it to enter your password.

In short, LoL Auto Login is a great application for players who don’t want to waste time typing their password every time they launch the game. Of course, you should be careful when using it, as anyone with access to your PC will be able to log in to your account.

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LoL Auto Login was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu on Oct 19th, 2018

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LoL Auto Login 2.0.2

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